Jethro Skinner


Location:          London

Height:             5'11" (180cm)

Weight:            12st. 9lb. (80kg)

Playing Age:    31 - 40 years

Appearance:    White

Eye Colour:      Blue

Hair Colour:     Dark Brown

Hair Length:     Short

Training:           Manchester Met (Capitol Theatre)


Plus One (Plyus Odin)   Tom Greenwood    Oksana Bychkova – Mosfilm Productions

Sign Language               Ben (Lead)            Oscar Sharp – Therefore Films

Counting Backwards      Attacker                 Sean De Sparango – Believe Media Productions


Back Issue                     Man (Lead)            Teirnan Hanby – Ascension Films   

Madam Black                 Marcus (Lead)       Ivan Barge – NZ Film Council

Replica                           Father                   Jakrin Juangbhanich – Projection 3 Productions

2010 - present


Twelfth Night                Fabian                    Tim Carroll – Shakespeares Globe/Sonia Friedman Productions

Richard III                    Second Murderer    Tim Carroll – Shakespeares Globe/Sonia Friedman Productions

Hamlet/The Seagull     Leartes/Trogorin     Loius Scheeder – The Factory Theatre


Boiling Frogs                Mark Stone            Alex Hassell  – Southwark Playhouse


Skane                          Chris                       Tim Carroll – Hampstaed Theatre

subVERSE                  Donald Rumsfeld    Mathew Hahn – Theatre 503

Romeo & Juliet            Tybalt                     Andrew Hall – Veinna's English Theatre


Medea                         Jason                     Jude Alderson  –  Amazonia Theatre Company


Many Loves                 Fred                       David Sibley   –   Lillian Bayliss Theatre


Master & Margherita   Master                    Dominic Grandhougin   –  Collaborators Theatre


Good                           Halder                    Teddy Kiendl   –  Capitol Theatre    

2010 - present


Eastenders                                      Andy                      Michael Owen Morris   –   BBC Televison


Wire In The Blood (series 3,4&5)    Tim Eccles             Terry McDonough – Coastal Productions


Coronation Street                            Doctor Pierce         Laurence Moody   –   Granada Television

Cold Feet                                        Steve                      Pete Traverse   –  Granada Productions


Peak Practice                                 James McKewan    Terry McDonough – Central Productions


The Bill                                           Steve Rose             AJ Quinn   –   Talkback  Thames


City Central                                    Nev                         Terry McDonough - Granada Productions


Casualty                                         Brian Phillips           Emma Bodger  –  BBC Productions


The Bill                                           Neil Atkins               Ken Grieve   –  Talkback Thames


Grease Monkeys                            Nutter                      Paul Kosoulides  –  BBC Television


The Misfit Soldier                           Edward Casey         Hilary Chadwick  –   BBC Drama Video



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